Im a Geek Comic Strip #1

Bobby_Im_a_Geek-chad's version
Chad’s fixing of my original drawings.

Smitty is bringing back the Im a Geek Comic Strip, the popular comedy web comic produced in 2010, with a poorly drawn picture and the thought about showing off what a real geeks life consist of, and not the nerdy perception the Big Bang Theory was showing.

Too bad I lost the original artwork I did on the character designs, fortunately I have the fixes that Chad Lecy, a former co-worker and friend able to do a lot better job drawing it. I asked Chad to draw my comic strip, which he did for the first 2 seasons.

Finished Season 1 Cover by Chad Lecy, Lettering by Bobby B Smith
Finished Season 1 Cover by Chad Lecy, Lettering by Bobby B Smith

Fun fact, the comic strip was initially called Nerds vs Geeks, to show the difference of what the 2 were to me, nerds are book smart, and the geeky culture may collide some times, but there are differences between them.

I will be uploading 3x a week comic strips (Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays) until we get caught up to produce a new 3rd season of the Im a Geek Comic Strip!!!


bobby+in+cHadHatesDillonThomsonBonus art, this was done prior to the Im a Geek Comic Strip when Chad was drawing his own thing on his site and we worked together.

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